Ukrainian Soljanka with lemon and sour cream 5,70
Side Salad 4,60
Mixed salad with feta cheese 11,80
Mixed salad with chicken breast 12,80
optionally with balsamic mustard or honey-dill dressing
Small dishes
Homemade Berlin Meatball ( Boulette ) with onion rings and bread 7,60
Pair of Viennese with warm potato - bacon salad 7,50
A homemade Berlin Boulette with warm potato - bacon salad 8,60
Original Thuringian Bratwurst with warm potato – bacon salad 8,70
Homemade herring fillet with housewife sauce and fried potatoes 13,90
Baked redfish fillet (breaded) with fried potatoes, Mustard - dill sauce and salad 14,30
Baked redfish fillet (breaded) with herb triplets, Remoulade sauce and side salad 14,30
Vegetarian dishes
Baked potato with herb quark and salad 9,70
Main courses
Farmer's Breakfast 9,70
Kasselerbraten with sauerkraut and fried potatoes 14,30
Sauerkraut casserole with Kassler and potatoes topped with cheese 10,30
Homemade Eisbeinsülze with remoulade sauce and fried potatoes 12,60
Original Thuringian Bratwurst with fried potatoes and sauerkraut 12,80
Two homemade Berliner Meatballs ( Boulette ) with baked onion rings and bread 10,60
Two homemade Berliner Meatballs ( Boulette ) with baked warm potato-bacon salad 12,20
Two homemade Berliner Meatballs ( Boulette ) with peas and potatoes 13,70
Braised knuckle of pork with sauerkraut and triplets of herbs 18,60
Roast beef "pink" with remoulade sauce and fried potatoes 14,90
Fried chicken breast with pan-fried vegetables and potato wedges 14,70
Pan-fresh pork schnitzel with pan-fried vegetables and fried potatoes or potato wedges 16,20
Pan-fresh pork schnitzel with peas and fried potatoes OR potato wedges 15,60
For children
Small Pork schnitzel with potato wedges and cucumber 6,90
Two potato pancakes with apple sauce 3,90
Ice / Sundae
Three scoops of mixed ice cream with cream 4,30
Brittle - nut sundae, a scoop of chocolate ice cream, two scoops of hazelnut ice cream, brittle splinters and cream 5,70
"Swedish sundae" with vanilla ice cream, eggnog, Whipped cream and apple sauce 6,50
Caramel vanilla sundae, three scoops of vanilla ice cream, Caramel sauce and cream 5,40
Dessert / Homemade cake
Red fruit jelly with vanilla sauce and cream 4,90
Apple strudel with whipped cream 6,00
Apple strudel with a scoop of vanilla ice cream and whipped cream 7,00
We recommend:
Hiddenseer sea buckthorn liqueur from own production 2cl 4cl
Euro 2,80 4,80