Non-alcoholic beverages

Non-alcoholic beverages

0,2 l

0,5 l

0,2 l0,5 l


Non-alcoholic beverages
0,2 l0,5 l
Coca Cola *0,3l2,804,70
Coca Cola zero *0,3l2,804,70
Fanta *0,3l2,804,70
Spezi *0,3l2,804,70
Bitter Lemon0,25 l2,90
Tonic0,25 l2,90
Ginger Ale0,25 l2,90
0,2 l0,5 l1,0 l
Table water2,103,404,90
Table water Still2,103,404,90
Loona Mineral Water0,25 l0,75 l
Juices & Nectars from Loona
0,2 l0,5 l
Apple juice clear or naturally cloudy,2,804,90
Orange juice2,804,90
Cherry nectar,2,804,90
Banana nectar,2,804,90
Tomato juice (fl.) 0,2 l
Rhubarb spritzer (Fl) 0,33 l
Apple spritzer0,2 l0,5 l
All prices include value added tax.
A list of additives is available at the counter.*1 Caffeine,*2 Quinine*3 Dye and sweetenerIrrors and omissions excepted.