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The Sophiensäle are one of the most successful production and performance venues for freely produced contemporary theatre, dance and music projects in the German-speaking world. Since 1996, over 250 productions (numerous world premieres and German first performances) have been shown here.


Sophie-Gips-Höfe / Hoffmann Collection

Art and culture in Sophienstraße: In the heart of Berlin-Mitte are the artistically designed Sophie-Gips-Höfe with galleries, café, bar and jazz radio station. The SAMMLUNG HOFFMANN is also at home there with extraordinary exhibits of modern art.


Chameleon Variety Theatre

The legendary variety theatre in the Hackesche Höfe entertains with juggling, poetry, dance, acrobatics, music and comedy. Let yourself be seduced into the most beautiful art nouveau hall in Berlin-Mitte.


The Monster Cabinet (Haus Schwarzenberg)

The Monster Cabinet houses bizarre moving fantasy monsters created by the artist Hannes Heiner. Let yourself be surprised by a performance of light-sound movements.