The experience, a city walk with Tobias v. Schoenebeck

The rustic bar and restaurant “Sophien’Eck” is located in the middle of the best preserved quarter of Berlin's old town, the Spandauer Vorstadt, which extends between Hackescher Markt, Rosenthaler Platz and Oranienburger Straße.

Discover unique and beautifully renovated courtyards on a guided tour of the neighbourhood, the tolerance mile, where Protestants, Catholics and Jews lived and live again peacefully side by side, the oldest preserved church in the centre of Berlin, the lively art scene with innovative galleries, collections and studios, original shops and cool bars.

On a brisk walk, we will introduce you to personalities who have worked and lived here: Lieutenant General Hans-Christoph von Hacke, Queen Sophie Luise, Prussian Sappho Anna Luisa Karschin, Head of the District Wilhelm Krützfeld and many more.
Stroll through the streets of this quarter and experience history and stories from three centuries.
We organize this tour on order, it lasts between one and two hours, depending on your wishes.

Ideal starting points for the guided tours are either “Sophieneck” or the 1st Hackescher Hof, Rosenthaler Straße 40/41.
After the guided tour the beer and a hearty dinner at “Sophieneck” especially good …

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