The story of a corner

Here you can immerse yourself in the historic Spandauer Vorstadt. First of all, imagine a steam laundry from the turn of the century, exactly this pounding, this smell, this warmth…, then horses and carts from the haulage company from Sophien 28 came under the roof, but that should not have been it yet.

From West Prussia, Gertrud and Ernst Balzer moved in 1924, acquired the „rear of the Sophieneck’'s and from then on provided soft sounds and lovely smells. The couple started a bakery and nine years later Traudel Balzer. So baker Balzer baked bread from 1926 and next to it were the „Otto Berg Funerals“.

In the front in the round window corner Mother Earthman had a small pub. Four tables, always set in white. They offered boulettes, pickled eggs, pickled gherkins. Mother Erdmann only wore blue dresses, had silver-grey hair and stood behind the bar for ages, until the early forties. After Mother Erdmann, the small pub became storage space for the funeral parlour Otto Berg – the time was favorable.

And it stayed that way until 1961, then came the wall, the house was neglected for many years by the state housing administration. Family Balzer buk wacker further – until 1984, now already their daughter Traudel Balzer, she had taken over the bakery from her parents. Then’s went over to Sophie 30 in the summer, within a month, because slowly the state reconstruction of Sophienstraße began.


All the former rooms of Mother Erdmann, baker Balzer and the funeral home eventually became the „Sophieneck“.