The menu

Ukrainian Soljanka with lemon and sour cream5,70

Tomato soup (vegetarian)                                                                                                           

Side Salad4,60
Mixed salad with feta cheese11,80
Mixed salad with chicken breast12,80
Mixed salad with nuts 11,80
 optionally with balsamic mustard or honey-dill dressing 
Small dishes
Homemade Berlin Meatball ( Boulette ) with onion rings and bread7,60
Pair of Viennese with warm potato - bacon salad7,50
A homemade Berlin Boulette
with warm potato - bacon salad
Original Thuringian Bratwurst
with warm potato – bacon salad
Homemade herring fillet with housewife sauce and fried potatoes13,90
Baked redfish fillet (breaded) with fried potatoes,
Mustard - dill sauce and salad
Baked redfish fillet (breaded) with herb triplets,
Remoulade sauce and side salad
Vegetarian dishes
Baked potato with herb quark and salad9,70
Pasta and spinach casserole with cheese au gratin
Penne with tomato sauce and parmesan
Main courses
Farmer's Breakfast9,70
Kasselerbraten with sauerkraut and fried potatoes14,30
Sauerkraut casserole with Kassler and potatoes topped with cheese10,30
Homemade Eisbeinsülze with remoulade sauce and fried potatoes12,60
Original Thuringian Bratwurst with fried potatoes and sauerkraut12,80
Two homemade Berlin Boulettes
with baked onion rings and bread
Two homemade Berlin Boulettes
with baked warm potato-bacon salad
Two homemade Berlin Boulettes
with baked peas and potatoes
 Berlin knuckle of pork with Erebspüreè, sauerkraut and herb triplets 18,60
Braised knuckle of pork with sauerkraut and triplets of herbs18,60
Roast beef "pink" with remoulade sauce and fried potatoes14,90
Fried chicken breast with pan-fried vegetables and potato wedges14,70
Pan-fresh pork schnitzel with pan-fried vegetables
and fried potatoes or potato wedges
Pan-fresh pork schnitzel with peas
and fried potatoes or potato wedges
For children
Small Pork schnitzel with potato wedges and cucumber6,90
Two potato pancakes with apple sauce3,90
Ice / Sundae
Three scoops of mixed ice cream with cream4,30
Brittle - nut sundae, a scoop of chocolate ice cream,
two scoops of hazelnut ice cream, brittle splinters and cream
"Swedish sundae" with vanilla ice cream, eggnog,
Whipped cream and apple sauce
Caramel vanilla sundae, three scoops of vanilla ice cream,
Caramel sauce and cream
Dessert / Homemade cake
Red fruit jelly with vanilla sauce and cream4,90
Apple strudel with whipped cream6,00
Apple strudel with a scoop of vanilla ice cream and whipped cream7,00
We recommend:
Hiddenseer sea buckthorn liqueur from own production2cl4cl

Our wine recommendation :

Winery Friedrich Kiefer / Kaiserstuhl

White wine
0,1 l0,2 l0,5 l1,0 l**
QBA dry
Herrenbruck, spicy, stimulating with fine acid
White Burgundy
QBA dry
Herrenbruck, pleasant, fine fruity kind
Grey Burgundy
QBA dry
Herrenbruckspicy, strong
Red wine
0,1 l0,2 l0,5 l1,0 l**
Pinot Noir
QBA dry
Eichstettercherry aroma, delicate spice, subtle residual sweetness
Open wines
0,2 l0,5 l1,0 l**
Müller-Thurgau QbA semi-dry
D-MarkgräflerlandHügelheim... For lovers of somewhat milder wines: Very fine fruitywith elegant sweetness. Very palatable and not too heavy.
Grüner Veltliner dry
Austria - Burgenland, Winery KROISS, light green-yellow. In the nose green apple, some peach. On the palate juicy, fresh.
Chardonnay Les Jamelles
South of FranceBath Clement, Fine Nose, some wood and apricot. Juicy with well integrated acidity and fruity finish. For years Les Jamelles wines have been to the best varietal wines in their price range and region.
Open white wine & rosé wine
0,2 l0,5 l1,0 l**
Müller-Thurgau QbA semi-dry
D-MarkgräflerlandHillary, for lovers of somewhat milder wines: very delicately fruity with elegant sweetness
Grüner Veltliner dry
Austria - Burgenland, Winery KROISS, Light green-yellow. In the nose green apple, some peach. On the palate juicy, fresh.
   0,75 l**
Chardonnay Les Jamelles
South of France, Badet Clement, fine nose, some wood and apricot, juicy with well integrated acidity and fruity finish.
Sauvignon Blanc dry
South of FranceClément Bosquet, light, fresh and very fruity
White wine spritzer
Heitlinger Rosé dry

D-Baden, VDP Weingut Heitlinger, fruity & powerful bouquet from

Strawberry and red fruit.

Open red wine
0,1 l0,5 l0,75 l**
Dornfelder dry
D-PfalzWG Weinbiet, dark deep red, with accentuated aromas of berry fruits in the fragrance. It is strong, full-bodied and soft and has a dense body.
Dornfelder semi-dry
D-PfalzWG Weinbiet, the discreet fruit sweetness produces its popular, pleasant finish and besides its excellent taste, the wine convinces by its intense red-violet colour. A very palatable wine!
Zweigelt dry
AustriaBurgenland, KROISS, light red wine, dark ruby garnet, purple reflections. In the nose intense sour cherry confit, pleasant after sweet forest berries and cherries. On the palate elegant and juicy. The classic from Austria.
Merlot Les Jamelles dry
South of FranceBadet Clement Les Jamelles Merlot is a round, spicy and yet complex,as well as elegant wine, which adapts particularly well to many dishes - Dark red colour. In the nose you can recognize blueberries, cassis and cherries, as well as jam and cooked fruits, but also smoky parts like peat, Cinnamon and thyme. Discreet wood note in the finish. Very elegant, complex, with velvety, soft length and balanced tannins
Cabernet Sauvignon Palorino dry
Italy - VenetoColli Vicentini, strong, with good structure, but not too heavy. In the glass dark purple colour. Fine fragrance of blackberries and other black fruits.
bottled wine
0,75 l**
Grey Burgundy Cabinet QbA dry
D-BadenWinery Michel of the Kaiserstuhl, clear fruity intense nose, melting with beautiful fruit aromas slightly nutty, juicy, dry.
Primitivo del Salento Soltema IGP
Italy - ApuliaJorche Antica Masseria. A very special discovery is this delicious red wine from Apulia. The small family-run winery Jorche produces in 5th generation high quality, Apulian wines above all fantastic Primitivo.
Sparkling wine
0,75 l**
Prosecco Frizzante Santo Stefano dry
Italy - VenetoAgricola De Stefano, invigorating, fresh and with an incredibly fine and elegant fruitiness, dry. This Prosecco, produced by a small winemaker, is full of character and surprisingly full-bodied for a Frizzante.
0,2 l**
Blanc de Blanc Brut (French sparkling wine) dry
France - LoireHenri Grandin grape varieties: Chardonnay & Pinot Blanc, fresh, fruity, delicate scent of almonds, a touch of hazelnut and fine lemon. Soft and typical style of the French family, produced according to the traditional method.

* All wines contain sulphites/ **Bottle / 0.5 l = carafe

Non-alcoholic beverages
0,2 l 0,5 l
Coca Cola *0,3l 2,80 4,70
Coca Cola zero *0,3l 2,80 4,70
Fanta *0,3l 2,80 4,70
Sprite 2,80 4,70
Spezi *0,3l 2,80 4,70
Bitter Lemon 0,25 l 2,90
Tonic 0,25 l 2,90
Ginger Ale 0,25 l 2,90
0,2 l 0,5 l 1,0 l
Table water 2,10 3,40 4,90
Table water Still 2,10 3,40 4,90
Loona Mineral Water 0,25 l 0,75 l
Sparkling 3,00 5,90
Naturelle 3,00 5,90
Juices & Nectars from Loona
0,2 l 0,5 l
Apple juice clear or naturally cloudy, 2,80 4,90
Orange juice 2,80 4,90
Cherry nectar, 2,80 4,90
Banana nectar, 2,80 4,90
Peach nectar, 2,80 4,90
Pineapple juice 2,80 4,90
Tomato juice (fl.) 0,2 l
Rhubarb spritzer (Fl) 0,33 l
Apple spritzer 0,2 l 0,5 l
2,70 4,40
Beers from the barrel
0,3 l 0,5 l
Berlin Pilsner 3,50 4,50
Pilsner 3,40 4,40
Yeast Wheat 3,60 4,60
Lava Black beer 3,60 4,60
Jever Pilsner 3,80 4,80
Irish Red 4,40 5,20
Irish stout 4,50 5,20
Yellow-billed farmer 3,60 4,60
Aldermen Gusset 4,60 4,60
Beer mix
0,33 l 0,5 l
Alster, Diesel, Krefeld 3,30 4,30
bottled beers
0,33 l 0,5l
Schöfferhofer Hefeweizen
Light / Dark /Crystal 4,60
Störtebeker Amber Wheat fruity, sparkling, brewed with raw materials from organic farming. 4,80
Störtebeker Rye Wheat Of course, full-bodied, brewed with raw materials from organic farming. 4,80
Störtebeker Amber Wheat non-alcoholic Low calorie, isotonic, brewed with raw materials from organic farmingu 4,80
Jever Fun (bottle) non-alcoholic 3,50
Berliner Weiße with shot - Red/Green 3 3,70
The coffee
cup of coffee2,30
Large cup of coffee13,60
Coffee with milk1(large cup)3,10
Latte Macchiato (glass)3,20
Double espresso  
Double espresso3,50
Decaffeinated coffee2,10€ 
(instant coffee)  
Dutch coffee1(cup)  
with 2cl advocaat & cream4,60
French coffee1  
with 2cl Napoleon Brandy4,60
Irish Coffee  
with 2cl paddy & cream4,60
with 2 cl rum and cream4,60
Hot drinks (glass)  
Hot lemon2,70
Grog with 4 cl rum4,80
Winegrower mulled wine /red3,90
Milk & Chocolate (Pott)  
Hot chocolate2,80
with cream3,10
with 2cl Amaretto4,10
with 2cl Amaretto & cream4,40
with 2cl rum4,10
with 2cl rum & cream4,40
with 2cl vodka4,10
with 2cl vodka & cream4,40
with 2cl Berlin Luft ( Mint Scnapps)4,10
with 2cl Berlin Luft & cream4,40
Hot milk with honey2,90
Hot or cold milk2,20
Tea from Eilles
Tea from purely organic cultivation of Eilles
Darjeeling Royal 2,70
Earl Grey 2,70
Chamomile 2,70
Peppermint 2,70
Herb garden 2,70
Organic Rooibos Pure 3,30
Organic Fruits Nature 3,30
Organic Darjeeling green 3,30
With honey on request 0,70

All prices include value added tax.

A list of additives is available at the counter.

*One caffeine,

*2 quinine

*3 Colourant and sweetener

Errors and changes reserved.